Social Media Platforms with Game Changing Stats: TWITTER

Twitter is the place to find what’s happening in the world right now. Whether you’re interested in your business industry, music, sports, politics, news, celebrities, home improvement, food, beverages or everyday moments, you can find it and talk about it on Twitter.

Everyone experiences Twitter differently, but here are a few areas that may be of interest to you to help you get started.

  • News and politics: Get the latest on local and global news, watch political events as they unfold, take a part in your community and social events and movements.
  • Sports: From the Olympics to the NFL draft, to local sports, get real-time updates, see what the star players have to say, and connect with fans all around the world.
  • Pop culture: See what your favorite celebrities are up to, what the newest music is, where to buy the newest trending gear and technology and find your favorite chefs, food and drinks.
  • Influencers: Find out what leaders and experts in your industry are saying, connect with creators, artists and industry leader, and become one yourself!
  • Information: Get commuter info and updates, weather forecasts, disaster updates, reach customer service agents without having to call.

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Some Fun (Yet Pertinent) Twitter Facts:

  • Total number of monthly active users on Twitter: 317 Million worldwide
  • 80% use mobile (and there are over 67 million users in the U.S.)
  • Tweets Sent Per Day: 500 Million
  • Active Daily Users: 100 Million
  • 37% of Twitter users are age 18-29, 25% are 30-49 years old
  • Total ad engagement was up 91% year over year

 What Does This Mean for You and Your Businesses?

The power of Twitter is being used by many business owners that are using it to help their business grow. Considering that it costs very little to market a product on Twitter, small businesses should definitely use Twitter for boosting  internet marketing activities both organically and with paid ads. Other ways you can use Twitter to your benefit are:

  • Connect with customers and build relationships with existing ones
  • Enforce your brand awareness
  • Help your website SEO
  • Market new products or services
  • Become an authority on your type of business
  • Help Manage Your Online Reputation
  • Watch Your Competition
  • Promote Your Blog