Reputation Management

Why is your reputation management so important?

A bad online reputation can deter customers from using your business for what they need or want.

Here are some reasons your online reputation is more important than you may know:

online rep, s2r studiosGoogle Dictates What Your Online Reputation Is

When someone needs to find goods or services they search on Google. The same holds true for when someone wants to find what a store’s hours are, what their address is, for coupons, restaurant menus and more. If you don’t have this information available through your own website and your social media you risk having your competition, negative reviews and false information ranking at the top of search results instead of your own accurate information. You don’t want someone to look up your business and then be given false information or sent off in the wrong direction.


Social media, online rep, s2r studiosSocial Media Talks

There are currently over 2 billion users on Facebook alone! There’s a pretty good chance someone is talking about your brand or business at any given time on any social channel. Without a social media presence there is no one to respond to comments or answer questions that people might have. Without responses current customers, potential customers and brand loyalty is gets lost.


online credibility, s2r studios, online rep
Increase Credibility by Being Online

Credibility and loyalty is why you need to have an online presence. Through social media or in search results people want to find answers to their questions. Local businesses followers may not be in the millions, but rather your target audience. They are the ones who are searching for you. They are going to be the most loyal to your brand. Don’t leave them searching and not finding you.


negative reviews, social media, online rep, s2r studios
Negative Reviews Will Control Your Brand

Who is going to monitor your online reviews if you are not online or if you don’t have someone monitoring your online reputation? Social media reviews and sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor and RipOff grow every day. Not to mention Google reviews which reign supreme! Don’t jeopardize losing customers or damaging your online reputation by not watching your own online reviews.


onlinr rep, s2r studios, your business online
Your Business is Online Whether You Are or Not

Thinking that your business isn’t online just because you’re not is a big mistake. The truth is that Google and other companies are indexing businesses and brands of all sizes with or without them knowing. This is important because if your customers and fans are looking for you online before they ever call you or visit your location and can’t find you or your correct details they’ll find your competitors. Take the reigns to your online reputation and ensure that you are being found in the right light.


online presence, online rep, s2r studios

We’ll Help You To
Show the Best Part of Your Business Online

Putting your local business and brand online on your own terms you can actually show the best parts of your business and brand to everyone.

Create and update your Maps listings and social media profiles, blog and attain subscribers, send out offers, use high quality images, short videos and describe your business in depth.

If you ignore your online reputation, you’ll never know what people are saying about you.

It’s hard to believe, but even today we see businesses that have no idea what potential disasters are lurking on the internet. Most do not even know what online reputation is or how to monitor it.

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.  –Warren Buffet