Radio and TV Jingles


Did you know that you have 5 seconds or less to grab the attention of a radio or TV listener?

Does Your Brand Speak Loudly Enough?

Your Radio and TV Jingle Should Engage and Inspire its Listeners.

A good radio and TV jingle gets in your head.

It’s an advertising slogan set to a catchy melody that hopefully will be memorable. Jingles are written about a product, place, service or event. They are usually original works designed to describe that product, place, service or event. And, they help consumers remember it or make them look further for it.

As long as it’s catchy and hard to forget there’s almost no limit to what advertisers can say in their radio and TV jingle. It can be a slogan, a business name, address and phone number, a benefit to using a certain product or service, information about an upcoming event, or a radio or TV station’s call letters.

Jingles are designed to stick in your memory and stay there. So when you’re looking for that certain something, you’ll remember the melody.

Our jingle writers are professional musicians that produce memorable melodies, original music, customized lyrics and vocals on cutting edge, digital technology.

We offer fully customizable jingle packages, competitive rates and our 100% guarantee that you will love your new jingle!


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